Following are some general tips and tricks on how to use air conditioners effectively throughout 

the year.

1. Check and Change the Air Filter

One of the most important things is to check the air filters of your HVAC system regularly. This not only keeps your air conditioner’s efficiency in check but also keeps your electricity bills low.

According to the US department of energy, dirty air filters can increase your AC’s energy consumption by up to 15%.

How often you need to change the air filters depends on several factors, including household size, number of pets in the house, indoor air quality, and type of air filter that you are using.

As a general rule, the recommended time period is 3-4 months, and just before extreme weather conditions, such as the peak of summer, hits the area you live in. The more frequently you change the air filters, the better would be the air quality. Daikin recommends every two weeks to be the best time.

You can use a smart AC controller for ductless units that tracks your air conditioner’s usage. Based on how many hours your AC is used, it calculates the best time for an AC air filter clean-up and notifies you exactly when it’s the time.

2. Use Smart Thermostat or AC Controllers

The latest HVAC technology involves programmable and smart thermostats. This is, yes, extra equipment and more expensive than their dumb counterparts, BUT they are so much more effective and efficient! You can notice a decrease of up to 25% in your electric bills by utilizing smart thermostats and smart AC controllers.

With automation and intelligent triggers, you can allow your thermostat to know your desired temperature, when you will be home, and when you will be away, and it will efficiently maintain the best room environment for you.

3. Avoid Steep Temperature Changes

For increased air conditioner efficiency, it is crucial to maintain a consistent temperature and avoid making massive temperature shifts. It is often one of the main reasons behind increased energy bills. Blasting your cooling on full power during summer or the heat mode during winter can be very effective in achieving the desired temperature but not very efficient due to higher energy costs. 

One of the best ways to maintain a stable temperature is by weatherizing your home before the start of every season. 

Prepping your home not only saves your energy expenditure on your HVAC systems but also improves your overall comfort.

You can also utilize smart thermostats or AC controllers to maintain the perfect room temperature with intelligent triggers or set schedules for your air conditioner.