HVAC Installation & Repair Services

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You never want to run into a scorching hot summer day with no AC. Your heating and air conditioning have to be running properly all year long. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of having one of those days pop up that’s uncomfortably hot with no relief. HVAC installation and repair are a crucial part of your Los Angeles home maintenance. 

At Satisfied Air in Chatsworth, CA, we give your home the perfect heating and air conditioning solutions. We provide HVAC installations to replace faulty, older models and apply efficient HVAC repairs to keep your air conditioning maintenance wallet-friendly.

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About Satisfied Air’s HVAC Installation Services:

Quick Response Times

We’ll have a new unit on its way over immediately. We know how much your comfort means to you. Our expert HVAC installers will have your unit up and running in no time.

Best Systems Available

Our HVAC systems are perfectly crafted for all the must-have features to ensure that your unit lasts, remains reliable, and requires minimal maintenance. Additionally, we take precautions during install to minimize potential repairs down the road.

Technicians You Can Trust

Satisfied Air has over 20 years in the industry. Our technicians have been through every worst-case scenario you can imagine. As trusted experts, there’s no shortage of knowledge they’re able to apply or innovations in the industry they’re unaware of. Also, any questions you may have for them on how you can keep your unit running optimally are welcome as well.

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When Do I Need My HVAC Unit Serviced?

Stuffy Air

If most of your house is getting stuffy, you shouldn’t have to open the windows when you have a perfectly functioning AC unit. Usually, the air outside will end up being even hotter anyway. Avoid this with our quick maintenance servicing of heating and air conditioning units.

Strange Smells

Strange smells or the smell of something burning can emit from air conditioning systems from time to time. We’ll root out the cause in a flash and extinguish any current smells, while also preparing the unit to avoid similar issues in the future.


Overheating is a major issue with filtration and needs to be addressed immediately to avoid fires and other significant damages to the unit.

As seasoned professionals, we know how much of an impact a weak HVAC system will have on your health, allergies, and other factors to your daily routine. Get quick relief today.

quality HVAC installation can lower your energy bill

Benefits of a New AC Unit

New Units Run Quieter

If you’ve gotten used to a loud, distracting AC unit, you’re going to love the benefits of new-age systems. After a quick installation process, you’ll barely notice the noise, and reap the benefits of cleaner, more crisp air distribution as well.

Lower Impact on the Energy Bill

Energy bill reductions are always great to see, right? If you can be paying less, you should be. A new AC unit runs so optimally that it’ll pay for itself in the long run compared to the cost of operating an old, poorly functioning unit.