Indoor Air Quality Services

In Los Angeles County, indoor air quality is often taken for granted. Even if you can’t see it, there’s a significant impact on your health and your sense of comfort at home. 

Our team at Satisfied Air are experts in indoor air quality service. We specialize in installing UV lights and indoor air cleaners. We provide these installations and repairs to improve your home’s air quality and to keep you healthy on your own property. Don’t ever settle for less again, and go with the professionals that’ll keep you safe.

Benefits of Our Indoor Air Quality Services

Air Circulation Increase

The more regularly your air is fully circulated through your home, the better quality the air becomes. However, when over-circulated, you’ll quickly see too much moisture build and cause mold to break out. This instantly depreciates the value of your home and has cause for concern to quickly force more expensive repairs. Fortunately, with our indoor air quality services, you’ll never have to worry about such repairs.

Our experts can provide perfect accommodations for your home that don’t run the risk of uneven circulation.

No Need to Open Windows

Want to keep the warm air in, but not force rooms to get stuffy? You’ll probably think to crack a window so you keep as much of the air in as possible, while also circulating it a bit with the fresh air from the outside. Unfortunately, this can quickly shift an entire room to be shivering cold.

Our indoor air quality services will allow you to keep your windows closed for those blistering cold days while also allowing the inside to stay warm.

Avoid Allergies

Seems like it’s always allergy season, doesn’t it? Those little particles build up and start to work themselves into the condensation around your surfaces and home windows or doorways. With mold and mildew sprouting and infecting your surfaces, your allergies are going to pop up far more often.

Luckily with our service, your allergies are avoided through effective air quality control. We don’t want you to spend your whole day sneezing over something you can’t even see. Stay comfortable and safe from allergy season in your home every day with us.

Quick Tips to Avoid More Air Quality Problems on Your Own

Don’t Leave Cracks Unattended

If there are cracks or gaps as openings into the home for added airflow and debris, you should patch these as soon as you can. When you have one of our AC units running through your home and air is getting circulated perfectly, these gaps will splice in and cause issues by disrupting airflow.

Gas Burners Disrupt Air Quality

Gas burning stoves, grills, or other equipment needs to always be accounted for, considering the smoke and exhaust they produce.

Be Mindful of Moisture

If moisture is constantly building up and you have mold sprouting, this likely has something to do with your AC unit. Since moisture is getting in and not being regulated properly, quick repair servicing will often do the trick. Additionally, our expert technicians will have the opportunity to identify other subtle issues.

Collaborate with the members of our team to identify areas of concern and apply the most appropriate solution. Your house will be safer and more comfortable with our quick relief air quality services!